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Alex is an experienced Voiceover Artist. He has worked in a variety of fields, including audiobook narration, dubbing, ADR, educational voiceovers, commercial, games and animation. He has particular experience in narrating books aimed at a younger audience. 

To listen to Alex's audio work, please click on the links below for his reels and some samples of titles he has narrated. Alternatively, you can search for him on Audible to hear more! 

For booking enquiries, please contact Alex's Voice Agent. You can find contact details below.






The Smallest Man

by Francis Quinn 

(Simon & Schuster Audio UK 2021)

The Smallest Man.jpg

Spangles McNasty and the Tunnel of Doom by Steve Webb 

(Oakhill 2017)


by Chris Vick 

(Harper Collins 2017)


Creature Teacher: Science Shocker

by Sam Watkins 

(Oakhill 2017)

Creature Teacher.jpg

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

by Christopher Edge

(RNIB Talking Books 2016)

Albie Bright.jpg

This Is Not A Love Story

by Keren David 

(RNIB Talking Books 2016)

This Is Not A Love Story.jpg

other titles

Hide   |   Nell Pattison   |   Harper Collins Publishers Limited   |  2021


Leo's Map of Monsters (Series)  |   Kris Humphrey   |   Oakhill Publishing   |  2021

The Spitfire Kids   |   Alastair Cross/BBC Worldwide  |   Headline Publishing Group  |  2021


The Smallest Man   |   Frances Quinn   |   Simon & Schuster Audio UK   |  2021


Amber Road   |   Sherry Christie   |   Bexley House Books   |  2021


Hidden Bias Hazard   |   Milton J Faraday   |   Spell Woken Publishing   |  2020

Blitz Spirit   |   Becky Brown   |   Hodder & Stoughton   |  2020


The Day I Was Erased   |   Lisa Thompson   |   Scholastic Press   |  2020

13 1/2 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything   |   DK Ltd.   |   Penguin Random House   |  2020


Nature Stories   |   Enid Blyton   |   Hodder Children's Books   |  2020  ​

Summer Adventure Stories   |   Enid Blyton   |   Hodder Children's Books   |  2020

Spangles McNasty and the Diamond Skull   |   Steve Webb   |   Oakhill Publishing   |  2019

Unexplained   |   Richard MacLean Smith   |   Sceptre   |  2018

Iguana Boy Saves the World with a Triple Cheese Pizza   |  James Bishop   |   Hodder Children's Books   |   2018

Iguana Boy vs. the 30 Second Thief   |  James Bishop   |   Hodder Children's Books   |   2018

Winter Stories   |   Enid Blyton   |   Hodder Children's Books   |  2018

The Guggenheim Mystery   |   Robin Stevens   |   RNIB Talking Books   |  2018

Roma Amor: A Novel of Caligula's Rome   |   Sherry Christie   |   Bexley House Books   |  2018

Enid Blyton's Winter Tales   |   Enid Blyton   |   Hodder Children's Books   |  2017

Christmas Treats   |   Enid Blyton   |   Hodder Children's Books   |  2017

The Private Blog of Joe Cowley: Welcome to Cringefest   |   Ben Davis   |   RNIB Talking Books   |  2017

Creature Teacher Goes Wild   |   Sam Watkins   |   Oakhill Publishing   |  2016

Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold   |   Steve Webb   |   Oakhill Publishing   |  2016

Creature Teacher   |   Sam Watkins   |   Oakhill Publishing   |  2016


Alex voiced the lead character, Gareth, in a short animation called Hedgehog. It was directed by Edward Bulmer at The National Film and Television School.

Check it out below:


For all professional voice enquiries, please contact Alex's voice Agent at:


The Voice Agency,

Hudson House,

8 Tavistock Street,

​London WC2E 7PP


Phone: 020-7240-2345

Email: ​WWW:

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